Canada’s leaders in work experience program management

Since 2008 Experience Education has managed the work experience programs for schools, colleges, and universities across Canada. This includes designing programs, assisting schools with government program registration, arranging co-op, practicum, and internship placements, and doing on going monitoring for students who are already working. Our goal is to help private schools succeed in delivering sector leading work experience programs at as low a cost as possible.

In addition to what we offer schools, we offer students even more. With a staff specialized in each aspect of the placement process, we make sure your students are ready to interview, we find them placements in their fields, and we support them throughout their work terms.

With innovations like stipend-paid practicums, and our dedicated compliance team, Experience Education has everything your school needs to stand out.

Our Programs


Experience Education offers a wide range of customizable programs designed to meet the needs of your school. Each year we also partner with schools to create new programs such as our stipend health administration program, or our Career Tours. Below are our most popular programs.



Co-op programs are a type of work integrated learning that alternates periods of study with periods of work. Work terms in co-op are usually equal to the period of studies, and are fully paid at minimum wage or above. Co-op programs are broken into three groups: hospitality co-op, business co-op, and specialized co-op (including medical office administration, nursing, and other health professions). We offer each type of co-op in both Vancouver and Toronto, with other destinations available on request. Our co-op team is our largest operating unit and can accommodate any program needs your school might have.



This program is an innovation of Experience Education - in our Stipend-Paid Program, students who are doing practicums of 12 weeks or longer receive a living allowance in the form of an honorarium, or ‘stipend’, from their host companies. These stipend fees help lower the cost of the program, and open unpaid internships up to a wider range of students at different income levels. Stipend paid programs are available in business, hospitality, and in technical fields such as engineering.



Unpaid internships (called ‘practicums’ in BC) are short term, often part-time, unpaid work experiences of between 4 and 16 weeks. Practicums are done in a vastly larger number of fields with a trend towards arts and sciences. Practicum placements must be carefully structured to stay academically valid and within the letter and spirit of employment regulations. EE does everything to ensure your student has a successful, academically valid placement.

Work With Us

Working with Experience Education is easy - we welcome new partner schools and agencies from across Canada. We give all schools, regardless of size, the ability to operate university-quality work experience programs. In particular, we offer:

  1. No fixed costs or overhead costs

  2. We give you the ability to outsource an entire program, or use as needed

  3. Economies of scale which improve placement quality, and keep prices low

Please complete the form below, and an Experience Education representative will contact you within 24 hours to discuss what we can offer.

NB: EE does not take direct bookings from students. Students looking to register on their own should visit our booking agency partner, .

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