About Us

Specialists in internship, practicum and coop program development, placement, management, and support services.

Experiential education is an important component of modern post-secondary education. Research shows that students who do coop programs have significantly improved early career outcomes over those who do in-class studies only. However practicum and coop programs can be extremely difficult to operate and can stress the administrative resources of many institutions.

For the last seven years, Experience Education has been working with schools, colleges, and universities to operate complex and comprehensive programs with almost no extra administrative overhead. With Experience Education your institution can access already existing high quality programs that have gone through all the growing pains and that have proved themselves up to every major standard of quality assurance in the country.

Please visit our schools page to learn more about what we can do for your school. If you're a host, please click here to learn more about hosting a student.

Our Team

Student Services Team

  • Cathy Fitzhugh, Student Services Manager & Managing Director
  • Vacant, Student Services Assistant
  • Vacant, Compliance Officer

Placement Team

  • Justin Lam, Experiential Programs Coordinator
  • Sabrina Mbabazi, Practicum Coordinator
  • Khiran ONeill, Practicum & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Sarah Tong, Coop Coordinator
  • Dilpreet Grewal, Coop Coordinator
  • Orin Williams, Assistant Coop Coordinator
  • Matthew Mutuku, Assistant Coop Coordinator


  • Robert Jago, Business Development Manager