End of year summary

This is what it actually looks like right now.  Incredible - it's crystal clear out.  Winter in Vancouver means rain - but this winter, we've had maybe only 1 week of proper monsoon weather.

Today is the last day of business for the year.  Everyone's already gone home to get ready for their New Years' parties.  I'm the last person in the office. When I look at each desk, I see them overflowing with files.  On the big white board are 39 students who need placement in the next 4 weeks, and on the blotter are notes for 35 interviews within the first two weeks of January.  On my desk, reports from student services on host company visits this week - a couple companies want new interns for SIP and CDP programs.  It's a good year.

We started this year looking forward to the Olympics.  Which were AWE-some.  We're ending it much further ahead in our business plan and looking forward to the New York expansion.  We have new staff, more staff - we have new specializations, an established office in Toronto, and a growing presence in Montreal.

We have helped hundreds of people to move forward in their careers, and helped more than 2 dozen highly skilled students become Canadian immigrants.

Here are a few of my internship placement highlights for this year:

Not much more to say about this year, though this was cool and unexpected.  Otherwise though we're exactly (and I mean 1.33% ahead of projections 'exactly') where we planned to be.

This time next year our plans again move up an order of magnitude.  On December 31st, 2011 I plan to write that our staff had doubled - and how, from our head office in Vancouver, we could look out at a constellation of branch offices in Toronto, Montreal and New York City.  At this time next year we'll be running programs in partnership with some of the best universities in the world, and we will have placed more than 400 students over the course of the year in rewarding and exciting placements.  Additionally, our staff will be found lecturing on internships at universities in Canada and abroad in Korea. And that's just what we have already scheduled - no idea yet what will pop up at the last minute - and something always pops up at the last minute.

To get the year off to the right start, this Monday, January 3rd, our first big university group of the year begins.  Seventeen students, all engineers.  Also, 2 more local schools will begin offering our programs, and 3 interns will start their placements.  So happy new years to us, and of course to you too.

PS , our New Years resolutions:

  1. Stop buying orchids for the office.  The flowers eventually fall off and then they just look like potted twigs.
  2. Get iPhones for all staff.
  3. Get some students to do guest blog posts.