Back from interview preparation at the University

Sarah at unviersity

That's Sarah lecturing at a local university (if you're one of our students, she's the one that corrects your resumes).  Our first big university group is in town - we've handled college and ESL groups in the past, but this is the first from a public university.  We're placing their students in engineering internships.  This means 45 interviews.  Forty-five.  Count 'em, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc... etc... etc... etc... 45. It's exhausting, but doable.  There's a lot of more stuff we need to do with them besides - including internship counseling, resume counseling, and interview preparation.  The first of our preparation session was this afternoon at their campus.

Here's a bit from the presentation - please excuse my shoddy camera work - I was happy to see the rapport between them and Sarah: