Internship picture of the day - cyborg internship

I don't know why he's wearing the gloves.  Its' 12 degrees today.  I mean, they look cool - oh, well I guess that must be it then.  So - pictured above, a student outside a robot factory.

So here's the internship:  assist with these applications, based on iPhone or Android.  They help people augment their intelligence - not just any people, but people with certain impairments.  So these apps are plugged into them.  The most the augmented reality devices on my iPhone do is give me restaurant reviews, or help me find a shoe-repair place.  These augmented reality apps on the other hand help people live normal lives in spite of their illnesses.  And that's just one thing this internship host does.  The other is apparently still in development but incredible.  Basically giving robot legs to people in wheelchairs, to get them on their own two metal feet and walking around.

And any other day, that would be the best placement we could possibly do.  Oh, no - but today, today is a good day.  Here's the best one - the student is doing a 4-week placement.  He needs to do training, and training is in Alberta.  Normally, that's the end of the story - we all need to move on.  Not this time - the host company will fly him out to Alberta, give him training there, then take him on a weekend trip to the Rockies, then send him back to Vancouver for his remaining 3 weeks to finish his project.  Now that's a good internship.