Internship pictures/advice of the day

Here's the advice: tell us everything.  And by everything I mean that when we're working with you on your new resume, tell us about all of your work, volunteer, internship, military, and educational experience.  It can make a huge difference.  For example, please take a look at the student above (in the suit).  We learned quite late in his placement process that his military experience including work repairing cars.  That was important because he's an engineer and he's got a big interest in cars.  As far as we knew, he didn't have experience, and that can make finding a placement difficult.  But the moment we learned about what he did in the army, we were able to zero in on the perfect placement.  And so this Monday he'll start an engineering internship here in Vancouver, assembling cars.

Two engineering placements today, and 1 international trade placement - which was a nice change.  The international trade student is pictured below with her host company supervisor: