Internships for students from the Middle East

What better time could there be to expand to the Middle East?  Our Canadian partners are probably thinking we're insane to look at that area right now. There's chaos, there's political strife.  Nonsense. It's a great area and a growing market.  I've lived in the Middle East and loved almost every minute of it.  I know Zamalek and Heliopolis as well as I know Surrey and Langley - and for the longest time we've been working at getting students from those places (the former not the latter).  But the fact is, visas are complex and you need local people on the ground in Cairo to help students get through all this bureaucracy.

And now we have it. 

We've partnered with a company called Global Link.  We've known them forever, since they were 2 people in a crowded office in our old building.  Now they're international, with offices here in Vancouver, and in my old neighbourhood in Egypt - the Roxy, in Cairo.

Our partnership means that all inquiries from the Middle East will go directly to them and will be handled by local staff in Egypt.  Barring any future internet 'outages,' students will be getting a prompt response from an office close to them, one that can serve them in their language, and help them get through all the paperwork.

For a complete list of Work and Study and paid and unpaid Internship programs in Canada for students from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Oman - please click here, or email - in Arabic or English to :