Victor's marketing placement in Burnaby

Victor is all business.  Head to toe - he eat, sleeps and breathes business.  Wherever he goes he ends up with a business contact.  He spent a 15-minute Skytrain ride, asking me for contacts to sell granite and marble (he got a good pice from a wholesaler in Florida).  I didn't think I knew any, but after the questioning, it turns out I knew an interior design company in Richmond, a contractor on Marine Drive, and a construction company downtown who are all good leads. Because Victor was so good at making contacts, I thought he'd have no problem finding an internship.  I gave him a few leads about a month ago.  But he tried on his own and nothing came of it.  Surprising.

So we went out to 3 and a half interviews.

The first was at a corporate holding company.  This company runs a few different brands including a property management company, a real estate company, an IT company, and an importer.  He bombed that interview - and I mean, like atomic bombed that interview.

The next interview was at another IT company, this one in Gastown.  In his previous interview, he was least bad when he was talking about marketing IT.  Flop sweat.  He got flop sweat.  We prepared for an hour and a half before hand, did mock interviews and went over everything.  The interview was exactly like we had thought it would be, but still he broke into flop sweat.  Once the dam breaks even a little, there's a flood.

After that one, I started to figure out what was wrong - he got nervous jumpring right in.  So for the next interview we tried a different tactic, giving Victor a running start.  This was at a manufacturing company in Burnaby.

The interview was with the assistant to the CEO and the marketing manager.  I went in to talk with them first - I got them talking about marketing methods.  Once we got going on that, we brought Victor in.  He has a master's in marketing, so he joined the conversation right away - talking about trade fairs.  It was night and day - the way he performed in this interview, compared to the disasters at the others.

So, long story short, he aced the interview and he'll start on Monday.

His internship is for now unpaid, though the company asked about the possibility of hiring him at the end of his placement.  He'll be part of the marketing team, he'll sit in on weekly marketing meetings and have the chance to pitch his own ideas. If his ideas get taken up, he'll lead them and see them through to fruition.  In the meantime, he'll be assigned to other marketing projects and help the company prepare for trade fairs.

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