Finance Internship Interview

Here's a picture from a finance interview earlier today.  The student (the person on the right) passed - here's what she'll be doing: First off, this is a brokerage and she has an economics background.  She's hugely interested in futures - so she'll be spending her days researching those, using specialized financial databases, preparing reports and financial analyses and submitting them to senior brokers.

This is one of the most common types of financial internships - but others are available. You can read about those here.

As for this one - the interview was very casual - with the host company most interested in finding out what the student wanted to learn.  There were few of the questions we went over in interview practice - instead it was more like a conversation.  To prepare for this kind of interview we ask students to research the company carefully, and think of three areas where they can fit in - after that, we ask them to look at projects they would could do in those three areas.  We go over those during pre-interview prep, and decide on what the best one might be.

This placement is part of our Student Internship Program.