2011 Summer Internship Postings

Our Student Internship Program [SIP] is accepting applications for Summer 2011.  We have 17 spaces still available for June 6th starts (NB: other dates are available). The SIP is open to University and College students who are interested in doing an internship in Vancouver.  As part of the program, students receive resume prep assistance, internship counseling, interview prep, and most importantly - a guaranteed internship placement in the field of their choice.

More information on the program, including pricing and terms and conditions can be found here: http://vancouverinternships.ca/sip.html .  To apply to the program, please visit:  http://vancouverinternships.ca/apply.html

Placements are available in dozens of industries, below you can find internship description for just some of the most popular:


Accounting internships are an important next step for accounting majors, and business administration students. Placements in accounting are either with accounting firms, or in the accounting departments of larger manufacturing and service firms. At accounting firms, you will work in close partnership with a CGA/CMA, you will train on and use accounting software and spreadsheet programs such as Excel. You will assist with day-to-day office administration, and also assist with financial statements for outside companies. Working within the accounting departments of non-accounting firms, you will be a junior member of a larger team. You will help out with accounts receivable and payable, with payroll, and with financial statements.


Advertising internships are done at agencies, and are ideal for advertising, marketing, communications, or sociology majors. At an advertising agency, you will work as a member of a team. You may assist with SWOT analyses for new clients, cross cultural advertising research, the development of logos, websites, and print adverts, and you will sit in on strategy meetings. Computer skills are important for this internship - the greater your skills, the more in depth your experience will be. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, and familiarity with Mac computers will be a major asset. In addition to specialized duties, you will also assist with day-to-day office administration.


Architecture internships are open to 3rd and 4th year architecture students with intermediate (or better) knowledge of Auto CAD. Placements are done at architecture firms and in some cases with property developers. You will work under close supervision of senior architects and use your AutoCAD skills to assist with structural designs. You may do detailed work, or over all concept and 3d design. Each day you will keep a log of your work and review this on a regular basis with your on-site supervisors. Some architecture firms also include tutorials and site tours for their interns.

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture internships can be done at the atelier of an artist, in an arts society, a theatre, or an art gallery. Specific internship duties will depend entirely on your focus. Past interns have assisted at galleries, given tours and talks on exhibits, assisted with props and stage direction in theatres, or worked side by side with a sculptor or other visual artist. This internship is best suited to fine arts majors.

Biology / Biotech

These internships are designed for students in university biology programs and technical school biotechnology programs. Students work in combined administration and shadowing positions at laboratories or government agencies. They support researchers and observe biologists in their day to day duties.

Business Administration

There are two types of business administration internships available. One is a focused internship - concentrating on one particular area of your major (financial control, hr, etc.). The other is a 'rotating' internship, where you spend several weeks or months in different departments. Your first month might be spent in procurement, then you move on to marketing, then on to accounting and so on. These types of internships give you an in-depth understanding of how a business functions. Business administration internships are ideal for business management and administration majors.

Construction Management

Construction management placements are available at construction and contracting firms around Metro Vancouver. Students typically work on large residential or commercial projects and assist project managers in their day to day duties. Students will have exposure to work sites and will assist staff there and at the head office with coordinating materials shipments, conducting inspections, and liaising with other staff. Construction management placements are ideal for students in construction programs, project management, or civil engineering majors.


There are two types of education placements available: summer camp placements, and school administration placements. School administration internships are available from September to June and are done at private schools around Metro Vancouver. These are geared at liberal arts majors, interested in pursuing a career in education. In administration you will learn about day-to-day school operations, and have the chance to sit in on a class and assist teachers. Summer camp placements are very similar, though with more hands on work.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering placements are open to engineering students who have completed their second year of studies. Students will be placed in either a hands on, or an R&D position with a manufacturer or green energy firm. You will work under senior engineers and assist with projects and research. Experience with any CAD software is an asset.

Environmental Causes

Internships in environmental causes can include placements in administrative or hands-on positions. Placements can be with advocacy organizations, both domestic or international, or in local environmental restoration groups. Environmental causes placements are suitable to students from numerous majors including biology, sociology, communications, and political science.

Events Planning

Events planners work in a combination of sales and logistics. They work at events planning, or conference planning firms, and participate in the organization of conferences, or corporate events. Events planners work as a member of both the logistics and the sales/marketing teams. They liaise with suppliers, venue organizers, and participate during the event itself. This internship is ideal for marketing and communications majors, or students in college-level events organizing programs.


Fashion internships can be with sports clothing or smaller couture designers. Interns with more advanced design skills may get the opportunity to do hands-on work in the design and creation of products. Interns with less specific skills, but a strong interest in the field will be exposed to the business-side of fashion, including marketing and purchasing.


Film internships are available in smaller studios doing documentaries and shorts and with independent producers. Placements are also available with companies which support the film industry, for example, with animal wranglers, film marketers, and prop makers. Film internships are suited to students in film school, or in fine arts programs.


Finance internships are best suited to students in commerce, business administration, economics, or other related business majors. Students will have a choice in working with an investment house/bank or with a brokerage. In both cases, you will be placed with a small team of investors/brokers, you will be trained on research tools and out to work researching investments, tracking price changes and making recommendations. You will also assist with client communications and some basic office administration.

General Office Administration

Office administration internships are designed for recent high school graduates, students in their first year, or students for whom English practice is the primary objective. Placements can be at any type of company - at these companies you will work to support the administrative staff or office manager. You will help answer the phones, greet clients, assist with paper work, and be given a project to assist with or manage on your own. Throughout the placement you will be constantly speaking and interacting with your co-workers and learning basic office skills and practicing your English.

Graphic Design

Graphic design placements are typically with advertising agencies and marketing firms. Students join as a member of the design team and assist with logo and corporate identity design. They help with advertisements, web graphics, banners, and more. Students need to have a basic grasp of Adobe Creative Suite and be familiar with Mac computers.

Green Technology

Green technology internships are open to students from all majors. You will get the chance to work on the business-side of firms in the green technology sector. This includes companies in renewable energy, carbon offset companies, electric car manufacturers, and more. Depending on your major, you will be placed in a marketing, finance, administrative, or technical role.


Hotel internships are designed for students from hospitality programs. Front and back office placements are available as are 'rotating placements'. In a rotating placement you will circulate throughout a hotel, experiencing several different departments throughout your stay. In a front office placement, you will be at the front desk, greeting new guests, processing check ins and check outs, and handling questions. In the back office you will get hands on experience with management, including finance and hr duties.

Human Resources

Human resources internships break down into two fields: recruitment and HR management. In recruitment, you'll be placed with a specialty recruitment firm, focusing on recruitment for a single sector. You will place ads, review candidates, and conduct some screening interviews. In HR management, you will join an HR manager at a larger firm in the finance, services or manufacturing sector. You will assist them with payroll, benefits adminsitration, and conflict resolution. In both types of placements you will also assist with basic office administrative support.

International Trade

International trade internships can include freight forwarding and customs broking. Students in these internships will learn about trade documentation for the NAFTA area as well as for other countries, you will research transportation and cargo options in Canada and abroad, and work with staff to respond to customer inquiries, track shipments, and perform basic office administrative support. This type of internship program is ideal for students in international trade diploma programs, or for business administration majors.

Law and Legal Services

Law and legal services internships are designed for pre-law students and students in law clerk and legal assistant programs. Interns work in private law firms in litigation, family law, and business law. Placements are also available within the legal departments of government agencies and at legal service agencies in the non-profit sector. Students assist with documents, administration, and in many cases, will have the chance to attend court with their supervising lawyer.


Marketing internships are, by far, the most popular offered. Students from nearly all majors go on to work in marketing. Internships are typically done within the marketing departments of larger firms, assisting their marketing staff with advertising and promotions. In some cases, students with special skills may also be placed directly in marketing and PR firms working on client accounts, performing SWOT analyses, collaborating on the design of marketing campaigns, and assisting with the production of marketing materials.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering placements are available to engineering interns who have completed their second year of studies. You will be able to use your skills to work with a manufacturer, you will gain exposure to CNC machines, you will work on design, research, and in all cases, do hands on work. Past interns have worked retrofiting electric cars, designed ship systems, and done r&d on green technologies.


Media internships are open to students from all majors, provided that they speak fluent English and have better than average writing skills. Placements can be in new or traditional media. Work is done on magazines, community newspapers, and in some cases in television. Students can assist in editing and copywriting roles, in office administration, fact checking and more.

Network / Systems Administration

Network administration internships are broken into two sub programs based on skill level. For students with advance skills, you will find yourself placed with larger companies and with web hosting firms. There you will get experience with servers and management of a large number of computers. Students with beginner IT skills will be placed with smaller companies and non-profits. At these companies you will work under close supervision of the IT support team, you will join them in day-to-day troubleshooting work, and learn about network maintenance.

Politics and Advocacy

Politics and advocacy internships are done with lobbyists and public interest organizations. Students conduct research into areas of concern for the organization, they may assist in contacting decision makers and awareness raising events. Students perform some administrative duties as well as communications duties such as preparing press packages and postering.

Real Estate

Students doing real estate internships are placed with both commercial and residential realtors. They assist with updating websites (for which training is provided), they place ads, respond to email and phone inquiries, and participate in open houses. Many realtors also put on information events, which students will have a chance to help organize. In some cases, realtors work closely with mortgage brokers - allowing students to be exposed to work with both sides of this industry.

Software Engineering

Students in this field are placed with software firms, they will help test new products, troubleshoot problems with existing products, and program new features for upcoming software updates. Some firms specialize in a single software package, while others design smaller custom builds for large corporations or other software companies. This program is ideal for IT students in their third year of computer science.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism internships are at travel agencies, inbound tour operators, or in some cases - at major tourist attractions. Students work with marketing and sales teams to promote tour products. Many placed with tour operators will also participate in the design of new tour products. Those at attractions and with inbound operators will participate in tours and assist travel guides.

Web Applications Development

Students doing a web applications development internship will work with software houses, desiging programs to operate on the web, or on mobile devices. You will assist with the development of a single product - in most cases duties include testing, troubleshooting, and - for more advance students - features design. Past students have developed applications for dating, personal finance, and navigation.

Web Design

Web design internships are open to students with varying skill levels. Requirements include knowledge of html, css and an editing program such as Dreamweaver. Students will join web design or specialty marketing firms where they will assist with building websites. Students with advanced skills may have a lot of input into the creative process, students with lower skill levels will work under close supervision and be given specific tasks updating sites or working on smaller elements of web sites.