Mini internship fair in London

I'm in the UK today meeting with one of our agents over here.  They had an awesome idea a little while back.  They are handling a lot of our UK/Ireland inquiries - and we get quite a few.  But there's always questions from students, and there can be a sometimes long acceptance process if we're going back and forth with questions across time zones.  And if it takes too long, people can lose interest.

To simplify that and spark some added interest in our programs, our partner in London suggested doing an internship fair - bundling all our inquiries together, and having them all come and meet us in London yesterday and today.  Naturally people brought friends and we've had a great couple days meeting with a few dozen students.  We did applications, acceptance, and in one case - a placement, on site in the UK.  Very productive overall, and I think something we're going to be scheduling more regularly.

Sorry, no pictures of the job fair permitted - didn't have time to get our photo waiver form run past a UK lawyer for approval. Can never be too cautious on that kind of thing.  But here's a picture of something I never knew about before - the greatest thing ever - wine sold by the glass at the corner shop:


Off to Paris this evening to see about setting up an internship fair there.