Career Development Internships for Chefs

We've just had our hundredth booking in the Career Development Program, which makes this math real easy: a full 95% of the students in that program choose Office Admin or IT; only a tiny percentage, 3%, choose Culinary.  Which is a shame because it's a cool option, and Vancouver has a really interesting restaurant scene. Here's a few pictures of a recent student of ours, Lucas.  Lucas was in CDP for a Culinary placement.  He has had heaps and heaps of interviews in all kinds of restaurants, all over the city. These pics are all from one typical interview:

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CDP chef placements put culinary-trained students in stipend-paid positions with a higher end restaurant.  They work under a chef, learn pastry, prep, purchasing, food safety etc... some even develop their own signature dishes and get them on the local menu.  The CDP is run exclusively through our ESL school partners, if you're interested in joining, you'll need to talk to them (via the tab at the top of this page).