Internship Feedback - Graphic Design

Up there is Harumy, from Mexico.  She recently completed an internship in graphic design and had a great experience.  Here's a bit from her final internship report describing what she did at her placement and talking about her experience there:

Please describe your daily internship duties.

I go to my work at 10am, I previously know my duties, I do website code, and I know what to do according with the project we are working with. I take my lunch everyday at 12 and I spend less than one hour and then I'm keeping working until 5pm.

What was the most interesting part of your internship?

I like my work because my co-workers are very friendly and when I have a question they told me the possible solution. The interesting part is that I learn lots of thing on my own.

What was the most difficult part of your internship?

The most difficult thing is that you have to find the answer and somethings the research is kind of difficult.

How did the Canadian workplace differ from your country?

In the company they are very comprehensible, sometimes if I got sick or I can not deal with something they help me and they are never mean to me. In my country nobody cares if you have a problem you must finish your work against any problem or barrier.

Please describe your relationship with your co-workers.

They are perfect, they like me so much, they here my opinion, my ideas, they sometimes invite me to hang out with them. And the work is just amazing, I'm very busy all the time

Describe your internship placement services.


Would you recommend your host company to future students? Why or why not?

I totally recommend them