Interview Tips: "What do you want to do during your internship?"

Each interview is unique, but some questions, like “what do you want to learn during your internship?”will come every time. With this question, the company can better understand what the student expects from their internship and see if they are motivated to learn or not. Unfortunately most students do not have a precise answer to this question, and that can be a reason for failure. No worries, here are some tips to prepare your answer:

1)  Look for the reason(s) you want to do an internship (for ESL students - improve your English, learn more about Canadian society, for Canadian students – complete university requirements, gain professional experience and network …) and express them as goals of your internship

2)  Find which skills you want to acquire or develop before the end of your internship.

3)  Relate your internship goals with your professional projects (work in an international trading company, work in the film industry…)

Some examples:

  • (ESL Version) During my internship, I want to speak English in a working environment and gain experience in social media in order to find a position in international marketing later on.
  • (Canadian Version) I am studying building engineering and I want to do an internship with a building company to learn more about the environmental building techniques.

There is no magic recipe to pass an interview, but the more you prepare, the better you will do.