Internship Pictures and Placements of the Week

It's a typical summer week, in that we're far too busy to do any blogging.  So we've got a back log of these Internship 'Somethings of the Week' posts.  So lets put them together all in one.  First off, here are a bunch of pictures from the week:

[gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

From the top, the guy up there is doing an IT placement in our SIP program.  Left to right above we see a paid marketing internship, unpaid hospitality, paid travel and tourism (in the same pic), and at the right paid office admin - standing in front of her host company's koi pond.  The paid interns are all in the CDP program.

Other placements this week:

  • Jessica passed her interview in Construction Management
  • Janeth passed her Travel and Tourism interview with a train company
  • Mario passed in Industrial Engineering
  • Evelyne passed her phone interview
  • Wasja confirmed his placement with a Social Media giant
  • Eva passed a casual work term interview with a really nice restaurant
  • and Maricela passed her paid Marketing interview

Tonnes more next week, in fact WAY busier than this one.  But the best news of the week for me is that we finally got the go ahead to take over the neighbouring office, which means were cleared to expand our office space significantly.  All my spare time this week has been spent doodling floor plans for the new office.  We're definitely going to have an interview room and kitchen/staff chill-out space, but we're playing around with floor plans - in theory we could fit 8 people in here comfortably, but we're also looking at giving staff some private space too.  We've got to figure this out by mid-week cause they need to start knocking down walls.