Internship Picture of the Day - Accounting

Accounting, regardless of the time of year, is consistently in our top 3 for most requested internships.  Here's one of our students from an Eastern Canadian university - Mike - at an interview with a downtown Vancouver accounting firm.  This is one of 3 accounting interviews this week, one of 10 over the next two weeks.

Here's the description of accounting internships from our website:

Accounting internships are an important next step for accounting majors, and business administration students. Placements in accounting are either with accounting firms, or in the accounting departments of larger manufacturing and service firms. At accounting firms, you will work in close partnership with a CGA/CMA, you will train on and use accounting software and spreadsheet programs such as Excel. You will assist with day-to-day office administration, and also assist with financial statements for outside companies. Working within the accounting departments of non-accounting firms, you will be a junior member of a larger team. You will help out with accounts receivable and payable, with payroll, and with financial statements.

For more info on accounting internships, visit our Student Internship Program page.