Awesome Travel and Tourism Internship Report

We have a student right now placed with a national tour operator based in Vancouver.  Her name's Janeth and she's in one of our longer term ESL Career Development Internships.  Those are the stipend ones - you can find out about them by clicking on schools directory at the top of the page and surfing through the different links (though nb - this type of internship [sans stipend] can also be done in our SIP program - most students do it as a summer internship, but it's available fall and winter too). Anyhow, Janeth has just finished her first week of training, which normally is neither here nor there, but her training was actually really cool.  They're a tour operator, so their training involves taking interns on the tours they'll be marketing and doing all the activities and seeing all the sights they offer.

Here are a few pictures that Janeth sent us:

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As for the report, interesting as well.  The work is to the letter, exactly what we like to see in a travel/tourism internship like this:

Please describe your daily internship duties.

I started to answer e-mails that the company receives from people who have doubts or questions about the trips the company sells. I deal a little bit with phone calls to answer people questions about the trips, to book tours and to assure the different hostels (from different places) the number of people (from our trips) who are going to stay with them. I talk to people who walk in and explain a bit about the tours´ packages.

Please talk about some of the training and supervision you have received at your host company.

I have a received a really good training. My co-workers are very kind and they are always helping me out with everything I find difficult to do. They are being very patient with me since I am not a english native speaker and sometimes get complicated to understan the customers who are from different countries and have different accents.

What is the most interesting part of your internship?

The most interesting part is that I am learning a lot of how tour companies´offices work and how they deal with the customers. I am learning a lot about the tourism area and how backpacking traveling actually works. I am having the chance of practicing English and learning a lot of bussiness terms and tourism vocabulary. I am learning a lot about the business canadian environment, as well as the english bussiness environment, I think it will help me a lot when I go back to my country. I have also got the chance of speaking french which is my 3rd lenguage.