Pictures of the week - Summer Internships / Riots etc.

[gallery link="file"] We had a very busy, very odd week here.  We had 20 interviews done this week - and a whole bunch of students passed.  The odd part though was the riot.

Looking at these pictures, here's what's going on in each.  From left to right, starting at the top:

  • Picture 1: That's Sarah and Khadijah at a school presentation.  We have these nearly every week at one of our partner schools.  Whenever possible we get an old intern involved as well.  Sarah is telling students about our programs and Khadijah is explaining what her internship was like.
  • Picture 2: IT interview.  The person second from the right is Majid.  He interviewed on Monday at a local IT company.  He passed and will be starting with them soon as a web applications developer.
  • Picture 3: Jose at another IT interview.  Jose manages information systems and he's there at a software company - this pic is from the end of his interview - which he also passed.  He started with them right away.
  • Picture 4: Emma on the left is pictured at the new natural history museum, just at the end of her interview.
  • Picture 5: Grace - she had a bunch of interviews this week and more next.  She's a student in the Career Development Program.
  • Picture 6: Saif - he was hired at the end of his internship placement.  We paid his company a visit earlier this week to see how his new job is working out.  It's working out well, he's really enjoying himself there.
  • Picture 7: Another school presentation - this one is Daniel, a chemical engineering intern we placed.  He's here at his school giving a class presentation about what he did during his internship.  Something about new energy and bugs.
  • Picture 8: I'm sure if you watched the news at all this week, you saw there were riots in Vancouver after the hockey game.  This is a picture of Marie and Agnes doing a tour of our street.  Our office is on Granville Street and this was one of the hardest hit areas during the riots.  A lot of the shops ar0und here were looted.
  • Picture 9: People from all over the city came downtown the morning after the riots to help clean up, to help shop keepers fix up their places, and to leave messages on the boarded up buildings.  This picture shows part of the crowd leaving messages.  It really is impressive  - those messages cover blocks and blocks, and are way more representative of the city than what we saw on the news the other day.