VI Intern Blog: Interview Preparation - By Priscila Chagas

We have a lot of students like me who are looking for good internship opportunities.  So, I would like to share my experience with you and talk about my first week working as an intern at Vancouver Internships. During this week, my supervisor, Marie, trained me how to fill out our application forms, research new companies, I watched some interview practice and went with a student to his interviews.

It is a great experience because I'm learning about the whole placement process and I am able to observe the student during their interview.  It is possible for me to see the interview in a different way. So, I would like to give some tips for students to have a good job interview.

First off, here are the questions I heard at every interview:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Why did you decide to come to Canada (I'm a lot working with our ESL students - I'll be working with our Canadian university program in a few weeks)
  • What are you expecting from your internship
  • What's your greatest weakness

There isn't a uniformly good answer for these questions.  Students need to direct, honest, and clear.  If they do that, it's the best answer they can give as an individual.  When asked for example to 'tell us about yourself' - explain about where you're from, your personal and educational background, why you decided on this specific field, talk about your life goals and how this internship opportunity can help you achieve those goals. It's good to give some examples in all, to put some strength in your answers.

Also, the students should be well dressed (always give a good impression) and be confident about themselves. Do your best, because the right opportunity is waiting for you.

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