Visiting our Toronto office, hosts, and students

That's downtown Toronto as seen from the Toronto Islands.  I accidentally picked the warmest day in the history of Toronto to visit our main eastern office.  It's 48 degrees with the humidity today.  That's119 F for the metrically challenged.

Still, had to go to lots of meetings, and had the chance to tag along on a student interview.

First off, you might think it's strange that a company called VANCOUVER Internships would have an office in Toronto.  It is strange - which is why out here, we are called Experience Education (

Anyhow, the meetings went well, I did a tour of the CN Tower with a host supervisor.  We have a student there in a sales position working on group and corporate sales.  It's an interesting job - she has the chance to give tours to corporate clients, promote the tower as a destination for groups, and help manage bookings.  They have 300,000+ people come in to the tower each year through group and corporate tours, so it's quite a big job.

They also told me about a new attraction they're putting up - it's a rail that goes around the top of the CN Tower, so you can walk around the outside of it.  Unfortunately the PR people were busy, so I wasn't able to take any pictures, except for the student's desk - which is here:

Our intern will be testing out the new attraction before it opens on August 1st, so hopefully we'll get permission to put up pictures of that.  FYI - our intern was away today, she was out at the Zoo.  Students who intern at a major Toronto attraction like the CN Tower, Casa Loma etc... get a pass that gives them free entry to every other major Toronto attraction.  She'd be insane not to take advantage of that, and the Toronto Zoo really is several kinds of awesome, so I completely understand her being away today.

After the CN Tower, I dropped by a marketing agency to check in on another intern of ours.  He's working in marketing, quite high end stuff, he's on a project for the Cuban government, promoting tourism there.  Here's his supervisor at his host company talking about what he does there, and about what other students can do there (sorry for the background noise, unavoidable):


After that, I took a break to go buy some empanadas at Kensington Market (my favourite food in Toronto), and then change and get ready for an interview in the afternoon.  This was for a student doing fashion design.  She passed her interview and will start Monday.  I didn't realize it before I went there, but I've actually been to that shop before, ages ago to buy an Obama dress for a friend.  They're really prominent here in Toronto.  Here are a couple pictures from the interview:

First, with the student waiting for the interview to start:

Next, with her supervisor in the silk-screening room:

Here's one of the dresses from the shop - it's really really cool:

Right then, first thing tomorrow back to Vancouver and our icy summer.