Internship Pictures of the Week

Another busy summer week.  I was away at our Toronto office, but while I was, it was business as usual here in Vancouver.  Heaps of interviews this week, here are a few pictures from them, including one really weird one:

[gallery link="file"]

Going left to right from the top, the first picture we have is the weird one.  This is Viviana and a snake.  Sarah was taking her to an interview for a (CDP) office admin position and they ran into a guy taking his snake for a walk.  Next is Anna Clara, here she is at an interview for a food sciences internship.  After her is Rogelio at an IT interview.  He passed as well and will be doing a placement involving web design.  On the next row is Viviana again, this time at her interview.  Beside her is Helene - we were talking with her as part of a mid-term site visit.  We do these visits for most of our students.  During the visits we check up on them and see how they are doing, and how their host feels about their placement.  Beside her is Ricardo on the way to an engineering interview, and lastly, at the bottom is Edgar meeting with a host at a cafe.