Touring Staff Accommodation

The Casual Work Experience Program (CWE) is offered at 10 of our partner schools across Canada.  CWE students have the option of working in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria - or out at a resort in the Rockies, the BC Islands or Interior, or in resort areas of Ontario. This program is designed specifically for ESL students, giving them a chance to improve their English quickly.  Nearly all ESL students in this program self report a significant increase in their English comprehension skills within 1 month, more than two thirds report a significant increase in their speaking ability over the same period.

The resort placement option in this program stands out for the fastest increase in speaking skills and for a host of other benefits, most importantly shared subsidized staff accommodation.  Staff accommodation typically costs less than $20 per day - often much less.  The shared aspect helps students adapt to being far from where they studied, and gives them an immediate social life where they can practice their English even more.

As for the accommodation itself, we recently did a tour of staff accommodation at one of our host companies in the Rockies.  You can see that tour below:

[wpvideo hWbKaDpE height=385 width=740]

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