Career Development Internship Description from an Inlingua student

The Career Development Program (CDP) is targeted at young workers in the first few years of employment.  They're university grads, mostly in marketing, IT, engineering, hospitality management, who have come to Canada for a 1 year intensive language immersion program. CDP students make a huge commitment to come to Canada for such a long period - but it does pay off.  They universally gain the language skills and foreign internship experience needed to make them stand out among other job seekers. Unlike other interns who might have parental support - CDP students are footing the entire bill for their stay in Canada. Because of that, we have arranged for all companies hosting these students as interns, to provide them with a living allowance to help cover their bills while they're doing their unpaid internship.

Just below here is a video from one of our internship students, Viviana.  Viviana did a marketing internship as part of her program at a Vancouver ESL school called Inlingua.  Here she is talking about her experience:

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