179 words about why we think green technology internships are great

Green technology internships are something we're trying to push. We like these companies - they're awesome people to work with.  They're young and busy and doing impressive, cutting edge work.  We've sent interns out to work in green tech companies that build solar panels, that develop new types of renewable energy batteries, and that make electric cars. Yesterday we dropped in on a student of ours named LeDuy, who was doing a split-placement - an internship in 2 different companies at the same time.  One of his internships is in medical technology, the other was in green technology.

For us the important thing to take away from his experience at the green tech firm is that it isn't all about engineering (though that is available), green technology companies have internships open to people in almost any field.  We've had accountants, marketers,  business admin students, HR people - all out at these companies and learning in what we feel is probably one of the most rewarding environments around.

Here's LeDuy talking about his internship experience (en français - we are a bilingual company after all):

[wpvideo NDmTvSJh height=385 width=740]