Internship practice tips for ESL students, part one of eleven (seriously)

Being new in Canada myself I know it can be a new and exciting experience to actually have a job interview here. Some questions might not be entirely different from what we are used to at home but the most challenging part in that matter might be the language itself. But do not get too stressed out. The intern host company knows about it and invited you because of your skills, education, and work experiences you made in the past. Just make the best out of it.

Since it is always challenging, be aware of some points and you will do just fine:

  • Be prepared and think about possible questions the company may ask and answers you can provide.
  • People talk about first impressions – this is not just a saying but the entire truth. As everywhere in this world it is not just the outfit that matters but also the smile and the eye-contact.
  • Stay polite and show your interest in the company and their business by getting some information about them beforehand.
  • Listen to questions carefully. Sometimes the vocabulary might be new so it is easy to misunderstand and you might give an answer that does not fit the question. So feel free to ask for repeating.

So in conclusion stay positive and do not get discouraged. Every interview is a chance. You will learn from it and I am sure each one of us finds an internship that just suits us best.

NB: Tina is our new intern here at Vancouver Internships. She is assisting with Student Support Services.  She is currently working on revamping our interview support materials.  She will be posting videos on that in the coming weeks.


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