Intern blog post : Benefits of doing an internship in numbers

So let’s start with the first thing every one of us has heard about before. Employers are looking beyond the GPA.

They are interested in experiences that set us apart from other applicants and make us even more outstanding. But how can we make ourselves exceptional? Doing an internship could be an opportunity – the chances of being hired after doing an internship are as high as 67%. It shows to a prospective employer that we are able to adapt to different environments easily, we are proactive about our career as well as that we are willing to learn.

I see it myself; an internship is a chance to learn what we were never taught while studying. Of course, we will need our knowledge and skills that we have learned in university but the internship is a way to put it all into practice. It is like a preparation for the “real world”. It is different from being a student but we will benefit from an internship in multiple ways. It gives us a new perspective, more self-confidence as well as it is an opportunity to see if we have chosen the right work field. It’s really worth trying since there is nothing to lose, only to win.

Source for internship statistics: National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) report: 2011 ‘Internship & Co-op Survey’