FAQ: Can I see a list of internship host companies?

This is one of the top 5 questions we get from students considering enrolment in the Student Internship Program (SIP). We are happy to show you testimonials and videos from past interns and discuss where some of them have done their internships.  As for where you would work if you enrolled in the SIP - each placement search is unique, and it's likely you wouldn't work where we have had past interns.

Each student enrolled in the SIP receives customized internship placement assistance. This means that if you tell us that you'd like to intern in mechanical engineering or hr for example, we won't assign you to a company from a list. Rather, we will look at your skills, your interests, where you live, where you want to work, and then speak to companies that match those requirements. In many cases these will be companies we have partnered with in the past, but in many other cases, these will be new companies we have contacted specifically for you.

With a customized search, we don't just look for advertised positions - in fact as a rule we avoid those. We instead work with companies to create internship positions matched to your needs. Once we have a match, we research them, meet with them and talk with them about how internship programs work, what their expectations are, and then arrange a time for them and you to meet.