FAQ: How can I apply for one of the internship postings on your site?

Here's the short version of this FAQ - the internship postings found on our site are *examples only*, they're like the plastic ramen you see in front of noodle houses (pictured left). When you order the number 14 'noodles with prawns', you're not ordering the bowl in the window, you're getting something made fresh that looks similar to it. That's how the postings work.

Now here's the long version of this FAQ - if you click here, you can see our feed of internship postings. What are these, exactly? These internship postings are created by our internship coordinators using information collected from previous students' internship reports, from host company site visits, and from submissions by host companies to our website.

The purpose of these internship postings is to give prospective participants in our programs a better idea of what an internship in their desired field looks like. If you want to know what a marketing student does (for example) click here and you can see a description of an actual marketing internship, and a video from a student who did that type of placement.

As sample postings, these are not internships that you would apply for directly. It's not Craigslist. If you want those types of internship postings, please do try Craigslist first (though we do take issue with the internships we see  posted there).

To participate in an internship similar to one of those in our postings, you need to visit our site, choose a program that matches your needs, go through interview screening with our staff, and then select three preferred internship fields. At that point we put you in to a custom search process where we work for you, one to one, to find an internship that matches your skills (and FYI: you can read more about our placement process here). The internship you get will eventually look like the one in the posting - but it likely won't be at the specific host company described in the internship posting.

* Photo courtesy flickr user Stéfan (Creative Commons License)