FAQ: Why was my program application not accepted?

Each month, several hundred people apply to our internship programs. And each month we accept and extend offers to about 50. Most people who apply to one of our programs are not accepted. Our acceptance rates vary from about 50% in a short-term unpaid internship program, to about 5-10% in a paid program (depending on desired location and time of year). Here are the most common reasons your application was not accepted:

You aren't a student.

If you're not a student, we're not going to accept you in to an internship program. We follow a strict interpretation of labour laws and codes, and believe that the majority of these restrict internships (or what in some locations are legally termed 'practicums' or 'stages') to students only. And that's actually something we do agree with. If your internship is part of a course of studies, if it augments your in-class education and gives you the chance to learn, then it has value. If you've already graduated, you should be working; if you need help with that, we have a separate subsidiary that can help you find a paid job teaching abroad - www.teachabroad.ee.

You wanted to intern for too long.

On our application form there is the option to request to intern for 4weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, or longer than 16 weeks. If you choose the last one you will be rejected almost automatically. We will not usually arrange internships longer than a semester unless you can provide us with documentation from your university explicitly requiring a placement of this length.

Your GPA was too low.

That goes without saying . . .

Your expectations didn't match what we can do

For example, if you're  a first year student and are requesting a placement in nuclear medicine (and surprisingly, we have done placements in that field), we're probably going to say 'no' because you're not equipped to do that type of placement. We could certainly work hard and find a host company that would be willing to train you from scratch in all the foundational knowledge in order to do that type of internship - but we couldn't give you a 100% guarantee that it would work out. If we can't give you a 100% guarantee, then we're not going to proceed.

You asked for a lot of money

We have one person on staff whose entire job is to encourage companies to offer paid internships. It's an uphill battle, and for now the majority of internships are unpaid. Those that are paid, aren't paid a lot - usually a stipend, or minimum wage. If you apply to one of our programs and you tell us you need a big salary, we're probably going to turn you down. It's not punitive, but we just don't want to disappoint you by bringing you on for an internship that has no way of meeting your financial needs. Not to belabour the point - but for those people who do need to earn money, we strongly encourage you to check out www.teachabroad.ee .

You can't work in Canada or the US

You need to have the right to work, or ability to get a work permit in order to do an internship. In theory your internship host could apply for a work permit for you, but that takes months and months and costs thousands of dollars - in other words, it's not likely to happen. So unless you have legal status to work in Canada or the US (depending on where you want to do your placement), or unless you qualify for an International Experience Canada visa, we're probably going to turn you down.

Your application contained a lot of spelling mistakes

Our belief is that if you're not willing to give care or consideration to your own application, then you're not likely to make an effort to perform well at your internship.

Your preferred internship field is full

Sometimes we just have too many applications in a single field and aren't able to guarantee everyone a spot. If we get 20 applications for architecture internships in a single week (as happened recently), we have to draw a line and process only those first 10 or so. We're good, but we have limits, and  for some fields in some seasons we have to stop accepting applications. If this happen, it is posted to our twitter feed (which you can see on the right of the screen here).

You're in high school

We are not *currently* accepting applications from high school students for internship placements.

If your application is rejected, please take a look at the reasons above. It should be easy to determine if the reason for  rejection is something that can be fixed or not. For example if you're not a student, then get in touch with us when you go back to school. If your application was full of spelling mistakes, try again in a couple weeks - we don't blacklist anyone or save rejected files, so your new submission will be reviewed entirely on its own merits. We wish we could accept everyone, but circumstances are what they are. Regardless of that, we do sincerely wish you the best of luck on your internship search.