Job Finding Seminar Links

I'm teaching a seminar today.  Normally I'd direct attendees to resources hosted on our students' site: . Unfortunately there's another permissions problem on that server we're sorting out, so in the meantime, they need job search links.  Those are posted for them below: - this site has an excellent jobs board for hotel and resort jobs around BC. - this is hugely popular in Western Canada and the US.  Free job ads - so everyone posts here. - be sure to select your city at the top right of the page.  This is a spamy version of Craigslist, you can still find good things here though. - this is a government-run site for advertising jobs.  It's a pain to post a job with them, very bureaucratic, so there aren't many jobs here, but some, worth looking for sure.

As for the other sites?, Workopolis, Monster - I've never met a person who's found a job on there.  I've never even heard of a person, who's found a job there.  Just skip them, total waste of time.