Internship interview for the week

So far this week we've set up three interviews for interns and young workers. For the young worker, it's in our work abroad program, and they've just interviewed for a job in Milan.  They'll be starting work Monday at a stipend of €1275 per month.  Accommodation is arranged for them, as is a company car and a fuel allowance.

Back here at home, we've also got one interview sorted for a chef program.  This is an 'off the menu' paid professional internship placement.  The person has completed most of a chef's training program and will be doing their co-op through us.  We're looking at a pay of $13.50 per hour gross for 25 - 30 hours per week.  I expect the interview to go well, they both are in to the same cuisine.

The last interview sorted for the week is an unpaid finance placement.  This person will be interviewing at a downtown securities firm.  They`ll be doing a really short internship - 4 weeks - almost an externship, actually.  They`ll be intervieiwng for a job in securities and commodities.  Hopefully that'll work out, if not there are a few back ups.

But there's actually a huge demand in finance right now, I'm getting 3 or 4 applications a day from people interested in doing finance placements.  Unfortunately I can't take most of them as they aren't in an actual co-op or internship program, but still there are a lot.  I expect to sort two more interviews by the end of the week - both in HR for one person.  We'll run them through both and hopefully give them a choice of which they want to do.

A few new openings came in this week as well - mostly in IT, though some in paid hospitality as well.  I'll post those here soon.