Canada signs youth mobility agreements with Spain - 8 more agreements coming soon

Fantastic news.

The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today signed an agreement with Spain under Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s (DFAIT’s) International Youth Program (IYP) that would allow youth from Canada and Spain to travel and work in the other country for up to one year.

The agreement, signed by Minister Cannon and Spanish Ambassador Mariano Alonso-Burón, will be tabled in Canada’s Parliament this spring and implemented later in the year. “We want young Spaniards to have an opportunity to know Canada better,” said Minister Cannon. “The two-way flow of our youth will contribute to building bilateral relations between our two countries, as well as to increasing trade, investment and tourism.”

In the last year, Canada has signed, or implemented youth mobility agreements with Poland, Chile, Latvia, the Czech Republic - and now Spain.  It doesn't stop there:

[Canada] is expected to sign agreements in the coming months with eight other European countries.

Here's what it means to you as an ESL school - you can now offer 4+12 or 4+24 programs.  That is 4 week studies and 12 or 24 weeks of work or internship.  These are the types of programs we see offered by UK ESL schools for Spanish students - and now we have a level playing field.  Almost level, except that with these types of 4+ programs we actually come out ahead.  Our schools are more affordable, our accommodation has a better reputation, and there is precisely - zero - competition for this within our market - so no upward pressure on agent commissions, or downward pressure on package pricing.