Internship opportunities down 21%

Paid Internship opportunities in the U.S. are "tanking" in the words of 'Business Week':

At colleges and universities across the country, students are learning about the vagaries of the job market the hard way, and they're not waiting till graduation. Internships are scarcer than ever. A new survey by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) finds that employers—citing budget cuts, decreased workloads, and company downsizings—are expecting to decrease internship hiring by nearly 21% this year...The decline in internship hiring, if it pans out, would be one of the sharpest cutbacks in years for a corner of the job market that is more or less immune to wild fluctuations.

It's not as bad here in Canada.  Paid internships have become harder to get, and unpaid internships in International Trade, Shipping, Construction, Real Estate have taken a big hit. But overall things are holding up.  We have a lot of IT offerings (web design, graphic design, network admin, telecom), a lot of marketing, finance (securities, stock and commodities markets), hospitality ... etc ... etc ...

It's actually getting to the point where we're sending people out on multiple interviews just to keep the companies engaged.  We want to touch base with these host companies at least once a quarter, so what we've been doing is sending them people and giving them a chance to 'woo' them.  It's an enviable position for the interns and really the absolute flip side of what you see in that story from the States.

I think it all comes down to network though.  More on that another time.

The full Business Week article is here.