New Paid Internships in HR, Marketing and Hospitality

I had a productive day at the job fair yesterday.  There were about 50 companies and thousands of job seekers. I think I talked to everyone twice - or it felt like it.  End of the day though, I left with a bunch of new paid internship opportunities - these are about 90% certain, I need to visit the companies on Friday to follow up and confirm everything, but here's what we've got:

Paid Internship in Human Resources

For an 8-month term [6 month ok for very skilled intern], this is open to people with previous HR experience.  It's with a large staffing firm based in Richmond, near Brighouse Skytrain Station*. They do very specific staffing for just one industry.  They bring interns on for unpaid as well when they have special short term projects. Interns here will see the full recruitment process, attend job fairs, write job descriptions, participate in interviewing, and be closely supervised by a large and diverse HR team.

This company also has a Toronto office, so placements may be available there as well.

Paid Internship in Hospitality

This one is a standard rotating internship.  Terms vary from 3 months to a year, and start dates are year round.  This is for a resort in Metro Vancouver.  As such, there is no staff accommodation, and students will be responsible for their own accommodation and transportation (though there is some limited public transport, and car pooling is available). Chef internships are also an option here.  Rotating internships are where the student moves from department to department during their work term.  These are a standard requirement for European hospitality internships.

I've never actually been to this resort, so I'm looking forward to the site inspection.

Paid Marketing Internship

6 month term.  Marketing / events / promotions - hard to describe this one.  This is an internship with a well known service company.  They're based downtown and have locations all over the city.  This is a service product our company uses, and I couldn't speak more highly of them. The intern will work under the marketing manager and will visit job fairs, student fairs, and other public events to promote the product.  They'll engage with the public and hand out promotional materials and answer questions.  They will have project work opportunities depending on their major (if they're part of a PCTIA program).  Experience doesn't matter here as much as personality.  Must be an extrovert, very social.

This company also has a Toronto office, so placements may be available there as well.

Now those three are confirmed, I've met them, followed up and arranged site visits.  There are a few others that I met and am waiting to hear back from. I think those will trend toward unpaid placements, but I should be able to get one or two paid positions out of them.  These include positions in personal finance, and civil engineering.  That last one has always been a difficult field.

  • By the way, you might notice that I'm referring to new Skytrain stations.  The new Skytrain line will be opening ahead of schedule, on Labour Day.  This means 5 months from now.  The minimum term for a paid internship is 6 months, so any student starting their studies after today will do their work term after the new Skytrain line has opened - meaning that placements in Richmond or South Vancouver are open for them.