Graphic Design Internship in Vancouver - Apply Now

One of our old friends - Calgoo Software - was bought by a company called Meridex.  I visited Meridex a couple weeks back and took a quick tour of their office.  It's a nice place, and an interesting business - they provide a safety product for schools called 3CSafe:

3CSafe is a web based safety assurance platform that provides the ability to respond in a rapid and proficient manner to any incident that jeopardizes safety. Unlike traditional CCTV surveillance systems 3CSafe combines your video with all the critical information you need into one view (common operating picture) and allows you to collaborate and communicate with anyone else who needs to be involved.

They've got a half dozen people in their Gastown (Vancouver) office.  They're looking for an unpaid graphic design intern.  It's a great environment for an intern, very supportive team.  They are looking for people immediately, and the term can vary.

The intern will be working on Adobe Creative Suite, designing marketing collateral for 3CSafe, and also working on web 2.0 marketing campaigns, using things like blogs, twitter, facebook etc...  Required skills are familiarity with Adobe products, and good written English.  To do this internship, you must be a student in an accredited university, community college, or career college.

To apply, contact us and we'll forward your information along.  You can contact us by clicking here.