4 job fairs in 4 weeks

The job fair in Richmond was big, but weird.  Really weird.  It was in the public library, but the thing is that the Richmond Public Library doesn't seem to have any conference space, so they held the job fair between the aisles and in the check out area.  Seriously, 50 companies spread over two floors, and squeezed into every available millimeter of aisle space. Good companies mind you.  There's this fruit stand by my house that I though was a quaint little neighbourhood shop.  Turns out they have about 50 locations around Vancouver and hire new people - including international students - each week.  Or rather, they will be hiring international students, thanks to that meeting at the job fair, which made the whole trip worth it.

The next job fair - the 4th in 4 weeks is at the Vancouver Public Library on Thursday.  You can find out about that here: http://www.cave-employment.com/events.php