More internship placements from last week

This week is starting off slow, only two interviews ( 1 Paid Professional, and 1 Unpaid Professional) set up so far. Granted it's 9:30am. Here are a few pics from last week's interviews:

Student 1 - this one didn't pass his first or second interviews, so for the third we did a full three hours of interview prep. We had him practicing right up until the second the interviewer came in to the room. Here he is at the host company practising (placement - market research on banks)


Student 2 -10 - a group interview. 8 students at a downtown tech firm. This is for Paid Professional. Very hard to coordinate, but it worked out in the end.


Student 11 - unpaid HR, this student got their placement within about 6 days of registering - which is proving pretty typical for the unpaid programs.