The four best internships

Internship number four was one we did last year, this was with a ski pro. The internship was based up in Whistler and the intern assisted the ski pro in events planning and coordination for groups of foreign skiers.  They'd show up in Whistler, get shuttled away by limo to their luxury hotel, wined, dined, hot tubs were involved, and then they'd jump on a helicopter and ski down a virgin run on some untouched, remote mountainside.  The intern got to participate throughout, and was showered with thousands of dollars in free ski swag. Internship number three was with a new media company - actually a sports media company.  They organize all these events at baseball, basketball and hockey games.  Without getting in to too much detail, the intern's first day on the job saw him photographing models for 8 hours.  He was sooooo happy.

Internship number two was with a toy importer.  They bring in a lot of unusual things - like those giant sumo suits you sometimes see in competitions at bars.  The intern was a marketing assistant, she worked on some new marketing materials for them and kept in contact with some of their clients.  It was a really great work environment and would be fine just like that.  But what makes it amazing is come trade show season, they took the intern with them.  Free flights and hotels to a half dozen trade shows around North America.

Internship number one is in finance.  I took a student to interview for this downtown yesterday and was blown away by how impressive it is.  The intern will work with the Chief Operating Officer and CEO as an executive assistant / project manager.  She will assist them in keeping all of their quarterly projects on track, she'll assist with documentation, coordinating projects with other employees, and she'll have privilleged access to basically everything, and all this inside a brand name multi-billion dollar investment firm.