Summer Wrap Up

It's a bit early - Labour day is still something like 2 weeks away - but I've got all the details in front of me now, so why not? Our first summer in business. I started this company back in December - working on different related projects.  With some legalese out of the way at the end of May - we moved head first into internships.  Since doing so just a few months ago - we've taken more than 100 bookings, placed 50 interns across Canada, and brought on a host of schools with a collective student body of more than 1,000.

The last month alone trebled our Paid IT Hosts and doubled our placement capacity in that field.  The same too for retail and hospitality in Vancouver.  Unpaid internships and resort placements remain bountiful and almost limitless.

With two new staff members starting with us in the coming weeks - and our new capacity to market in French and Arabic(!) - we're slated for another round of growth.  We're going to take a few weeks to digest - to settle down, get people trained, launch our new website and then it's back to expanding.  It probably wouldn't be prudent to list everything we plan to do - but it's all going in the same direction as we are now.

At the moment - of the 6 companies in this field here in Vancouver, we're now number 3 in terms of volume.  Our expansion plans through March, 2010 - will move us up to 2nd spot without sacrificing flexibility, affordability, or most importantly of all - quality.

Looking back at our business plan, this summer comes out at the high end of our reasonable expectations.  As the owner of the company, I'm very happy with where we are right now and even happier to see where it positions us for the rest of the year.

Rather than leave it at that though, here are two quotes I really liked from our interns' reports that I hope say a lot about the job we're doing:


I have met my internship goals, I wanted to know how able I am to work in a different country with a different language and now I feel confident about it. I feel that I got more experience in my field as well...Thank you for the support that I received form both Vancouver Internships and my host company.

Pill Jung:

The most interesting part of my internship is not only learning culture, English, and computer skills but, building my career... I can get great experiences more than I expected.