We're looking for a paid intern

VancouverInternships is a year-old work experience placement company.  We manage the internship and work experience programs for a dozen ESL schools and Career Colleges around Metro Vancouver, Canada.  Our job is to create interesting and rewarding internships for young international students. We have a small office in downtown Vancouver, near the Woodward's complex and Tinseltown shopping centre.  Our office has 3 staff members, and we are a tight-knit, and supportive group.

We're looking for a 4th person to join our team for a 4 to 6-month internship [depending on your availability].  If you are currently enrolled as a student at a university or college in any country and have the right to work in Canada - or you qualify for an internship visa (open to citizens of the European Union, the UK, the USA, Australia, NZ etc...) then we would be open to meeting you - either in person, or via video chat.  We are looking for students majoring in business (preferably), or one of the social sciences.  English fluency is a must, and a second language is preferred - French, and German are at the top of our wish list.

This intern will support our Student Services Agent, assist with host company recruitment activities, he or she will also contribute to marketing, and will have the opportunity to develop and carry out one marketing, host recruitment, or customer relationship project from concept to delivery during their term with us.

This internship is for 30 hours per week, and pays $9/hour.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to contact@vancouverinternships.ca .  Your cover letter should include information about your current courses and GPA at university, a reason why you want to work with us - and if you're from out of town, why you want to come to Vancouver.

The deadline for applicants is November 15th, 2009.  Internship begins Monday, 11 January, 2010.

NB: Visa support will be provided for international interns.