PAID Internship Posting: IT - Software/Web Apps

I've spent the afternoon darting between internship hosts in Richmond, Lougheed and Yaletown. I spent the entire day it seems on the train.  But anyhow, I talked with a lot of hosts and have one new internship posting for students interested in gaining experience in software or web applications, this is in Yaletown.  Rather than do the usual and post a list of requirements, I asked the CTO to do a quick video intro of his company, and hopefully that can tell you a bit more about what they're looking for: [youtube][/youtube]

He mentioned a few interns we've had there in the past, here's one of them, his name is Michael, and I caught him at work today.  He told me he was having a great time there, that he was working on something related to 'automation' - honestly, it was the end of the day, and he used a lot of "IT" talk and I had no idea what he was going on about, but it sounded complex, which for IT interns is usually a good thing.  The main thing for me was to see the environment, I stopped by on cocktail night.  That would be the Yaletown version of beer night - where all the staff go out for cocktails after work.  It was a busy office, quite big, and it seemed pretty friendly, so it was great to see: