Business Analyst Internship Description (Paid Professional Program)

Ask a technical question, get a techincal answer.  I mentioned earlier that I was visiting companies yesterday - I asked a few of the students to send me in descriptions of what they do at work.  The number 2 question we get from students is "What will I do during my internship?".  My thinking was that if I get current interns to describe what they do, I could direct future interns to those descriptions, and thus save a lot of time in answering questions. So here's the first of them - this is a student with a project management background who is doing an entry level business analyst internship.  Hers is going very well - her company has given her a job offer, so she'll be staying on there for a while.  These types of internships are increasingly common in our Paid Professional Program.  This student comes from Korea, and wrote this really quickly, so please be patient with any grammar mistakes:

Hi Robert.

Here are my job descriptions that I’ve been doing and responsibilities assigned originally to me by Wendy.

I have performed mainly two tasks such as renewal of Wiki website and technical documenting about company functional task process since I joined in this organization.

[Renewal of WIKI Website]

  • Analyze existing Wiki website such as what kind of contents are consisted of, menu architecture, future needs.
  • Make restructuring plan such as menu hierarchy and classification of information, and expandability for future needs with consideration of improving existing web site.
  • Reorganize contents according to new menu structure, Redesign web page, create new pages, modify existing pages, collect feedback from all staff
  • Plan handover plan including testing WIKI website
  • Backup the existing WIKI and handover new WIKI
  • Document operating manual for users.
  • Support staff for new WIKI
  • Maintain WIKI such as new released information and any updated information.

[Defining Company functional tasks process]

  • Plan the scope and goal of work.
  • Presentation the plan and get confirmation from managers about it.
  • Have meeting with each company functional division such as accounting, Administration, Sales, Marketing and Consulting.
  • Prepare document templates that staffs have to document their information and guide them how to create documentation.
  • Assign scope of task to each owner of functional group.
  • Collect result from owners.
  • Analyze and verify functional task activities and process flow
  • Create process flow and relationship between task activities.
  • Collect documents from owners
  • Create sample scenarios of each functional group.
  • Release draft document to owner and manager
  • Post final version of document at WIKI website.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Assistance with documenting work flow and procedures
  • Back up Network admin
  • Review project management documents for improvement.
  • Complete setup of Webex Training Classroom environment for offering remote classes in the future
  • Documentation of Network Infrastructure
  • Organize Wiki

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Implement CRM Telephony
  • Implement Webstore and set up Webstore infrastructure
  • Implement KPI reporting automated
  • Implement Dashboard incorporating above
  • Customization of CRM workflows once process has been documented.