Internship placement of the day : Market analysis

IMG_1081 First off, this is a poorly composed image.  The red fire bell behind her head makes her look like William Tell.  The lighting doesn't help.

But anyways, this picture is of one of our students on the way out of the office at the end of her interview.  She'll be doing marketing, a really complex kind with lots of math and data analysis, as well as creation of collateral, and branding.  The company has their own CRM, so part of he rjob is to use the data generated by that to coordinate mail outs to prospective customers, and instruct the call centre who to contact.  It's a medium sized company with 25 staff at this location, and another 75 at their other US and UK outlets.  This placement is in our unpaid - or student internship program.

The cool thing for me is that her internship starts on Monday, and the staff Christmas party is on Tuesday - she'll get to go of course.  they're holding it at a restaurant at the top of Grouse Mountain - which has an amazing view at night: