Internship placement of the day: office admin + social networking

IMG_1085Just back from an interview in ever fashionable Yaletown - here in Vancouver.  What a difference a few blocks makes.  Our main office is near Woodwards, which means we're in a giant construction site with shouting, hammering, and constant noise from debris being thrown 20 metres into large metal bins.   But go 6 blocks south of here and you get to Yaletown, with its narrow alleys and tiny dogs, it's so peaceful and cool. Anyhow, this student (pictured left) will be working there.  It was kind of a tough interview, lots of high speed talking from the two interviewers, but he did alright and got the placement.  It's really one of the more educational placements I've seen in a while.  Everyone learns on their internship and has lots of guidance - but this one is right over the top.  He will be a blogger (in addition to his office admin duties) - his job is to write regular blog posts and save them as drafts, his host supervisor will each week review them and give him a mini grammar and vocabulary lesson as they correct them together.  And then when he's done all that he goes to a party.

Seriously, his placement involves weekly parties.  When I wrote 'social networking' in the title, I meant it in both senses - twittering and blogging of course, but also old fashioned social events in bars and restaurants.  The people at this company make sure to attend at least one business social event each week, and it will be the job of the new intern to come along.  It's kind of cool, and it's a great way to get him out there and meet people.