Beta testing

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That picture up there is - it's a new site we're putting together for the participants in our working holiday / casual work experience programs.  It will give them resume writing tips, interviewing tips, a Vancouver Guide, job links, and most importantly - jobs sourced by VancouverInternships staff exclusively for them.

Sourcing jobs is important for a number of reasons.  The main one being that international students face a huge obstacle when getting jobs in Vancouver - it's not just the language - but it's the visa.  A lot of employers are afraid to deal with foreign workers, or don't understand how their visas work - for one thing, they don't know if students are allowed to work with any company they want.  Before we source any jobs, we take the time to explain these visas to employers and make them feel comfortable with them.  So what you're seeing on the site are employers who are interested in hosting international students, and are ok with their visas and with any reporting rules schools may have.

Anyhow, the site's in Beta right now, we're testing it with a few students - gratis - in order to work out the bugs, but starting in April of 2010, it will roll out for all participants.