Internship humour

From the Onion:

NEW YORK—New York University student Dave Werner announced Monday that he has successfully parlayed an unpaid fall internship at the magazine GQ into a long-sought-after unpaid winter internship at the ESPN network. "After three months spent fetching coffee and making copies, all my hard work has finally paid off," the 21-year-old communications major said as he dropped off executive assistant Matt Sullivan's dry cleaning at a local laundromat. "These days, I'm totally in charge of taking lunch orders, and some of the people I work with already sort of know my name. What an invaluable experience." Werner added that his main goal is to use his connections at ESPN to secure a highly desirable spring internship that could possibly offer school credit and a modest travel stipend.

92% of our internships are paid (I checked, that's a real number) so we don't have many unpaid interns like the one above.  But we know a company who does, who also has an office staffed by nothing but unpaid interns.  And whose director is absolutely in love with the idea of students paying to do unpaid internship after unpaid internship, after unpaid internship.  We don't really think that's cool.

So it's funny because it's true.