Internship Interview Picture - Finance

The ellusive paid finance internship.  Pictured above is Natalia from Mexico - this Monday, after taking a whole bunch of interviews, she will begin a paid internship in finance.  She'll work in an administrative support role with one of Canada's largest brokerages.  It's an absolutely amazing opportunity - for the view if nothing else.

How do you get a paid finance internship?  First you have to be in school.  Next you need to have previous work experience, about 2 years of recent related professional experience will suffice.  Then you need to have an advanced degree - accounting, commerce, or finance would do.  Finally you need to have a great attitude - that means being flexible, modest, and excited about learning.  Oh, and you should also speak English.  Can't stress that last one enough.  FCE-level English or above is an absolute must.