Project Management - Internship Report

I got this report in today from one of our students in the Paid Internship Program - I really, really like it.  He's doing his placement as a project manager with a marketing firm here in Vancouver:

As a Project Manager I'm in charge of daily and weekly tasks, I have to design a project plan for each project, to accomplish the ETA's. Also to follow the development of the project and being in contact with the clients.

When I started working in this company, I had the opportunity to participated on a meeting with this client. By that moment, we only presented the design for review. For that moment and on, all the communications between the client and us, was thru me. Also according with the schedule, I had to assign different tasks to development team and now we are going to launch the webpage.

What I like about this job is that you have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures. The job is important and it also have certain grade of responsibility because the deliverables depends on you. For an Internship is a job were you can really learn important thinks, they are open for explanation, they make you feel like one of them, they are really friendly, nice. It has been a great experience, were I learned a lot of different thinks, but most of all, I gain friends.

The most difficult part is that you have to be really organize with everything, you need to have good memory, because most part of your job is to organize the entire schedule, and also, you need to have vision and being creative.