Our Olympics

We took this picture today, just a few blocks from the office - we're somehow right in the heart of the Olympics action.  Behind us in the pic is the Olympic Village, front and centre is the Quebec Pavillion, behind that the Ontario Pavillion, and next to them, the pavillions of most of the other provinces.  Just off camera to the left is the Russian Pavillion.  The big white stadium is BC Place, where the opening ceremonies will be held, to the right, is GM Place - I think they've renamed it Canada Hockey Place or something, and way at the back in the old building with the green top is us.

With all the road closures and the crowds, it feels like the Olympics are already here.  Actually it's felt like the Olympics have been here for a couple months already - what with all the students coming through for Olympics-related placements.

Here are just a few from our internship program:

  • Hotel front desk
  • Travel Agency
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Events Planning
  • Olympics Pavillion
  • Tourism Vancouver

And a few more from our work experience / working holiday program:

  • Starbucks at the Airport
  • Cafe on the Granville Mall
  • Hotel near the airport
  • Cafe next to the Olympic Village
  • Restaurant next to the international media centre

All of us here are really excited about the start of the Olympics this Friday - in fact that may be the first day in company history that everyone is at the office early: the Olympic torch is expected to pass right in front of us sometime between 7am and 9am.