Olympics Video of the Day: Singing near Science World

Science World (at the left of the picture) is this big shiny sphere a few blocks from our office at False Creek.  During the Olympics it's being used as the Russian Pavilion.  Behind it is the Olympic Village (we've got one work experience student in there) and in the distance, BC Place - site of the nightly medals ceremonies (we took a bunch of students there last week for the opening ceremonies rehearsal).

On the way to work, I need to pass by Science World, which is where I stumbled on the taping of an American show called the 'Colbert Report'.  It's one of several American shows taping in Vancouver during the Olympic Games.

It was a bright and sunny day here in Vancouver, so thousands of people turned out.  Here they are just before the taping started, singing "Oh Canada":


Afterwards, Stephen Colbert sang a duet with his guest, Michael Buble. They sang the Canadian anthem again, only this time to the tune of the American anthem: